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Uniquely French subscriptions and gift boxes*


Calling all Francophiles! Fuel your passion for France with these carefully selected subscriptions and gift boxes. Each one is a little piece of French love delivered right to your front door. Whether it's me-time you are after or a thoughtful gift for that France-obsessed friend. Whomever the recipient is, they will be smiling when their parcel arrives!

*These products are sold and fulfilled by third-party businesses, not Maison Cherie. Once you click the links below, you will be directed to a third-party website where you can place and pay for your order. We hope you enjoy our recommendations. Please note we may receive a small commission for any orders.

Discover the Flavours of France one box at a time, wherever you are in the world, with Madalyn et Rose

Every two months, receive a delivery of French gourmet delights to your home with a Madalyn & Rose subscription and embark on a culinary adventure that transports you to charming streets and picturesque landscapes of France. 

Inside each box, you will discover four different luxury food products crafted by artisans from all over France who have been carefully selected based on their unique culinary offering to ensure your journey with Madalyn & Rose provides a full spectrum of flavours and textures that together, define French gastronomy. Enjoy a peek at the contents of past subscription boxes on the website, and see what other UK homes have enjoyed recently. Alternatively, give a subscription as a gift and share the joy of French gastronomy with loved ones..

Madalyn & Rose Subscription Box being held by a person in garden

Choose from 100 French-themed gift boxes from Made in France Box delivered worldwide

Made in France Box sells themed gift boxes worldwide. You can find a variety of themes on their website, from beauty to jewellery, food to fashion and home to baby, to name just a few.

There is also the option to build your own box for that special someone, and with over 1,500 French products on their website, I am sure you will find the perfect selection. 

Content of French subscription box with beauty products

French Cheese Gift Boxes

Forget flowers! Say ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thank You’ or ‘Congratulations’ with a beautiful box of artisan French cheeses all sourced directly from France.


French Cheese Gift Boxes start from just £22.95 for the French Tasting Box containing: 

  • St Marcellin – a classic from Rhone-Alpes

  • Petit Camembert – France’s most exported cheese

  • Petit Munster – from Vosges and first made by monks

  • Brillat Savarin – very rich with cream added to the milk

Other French Cheese boxes include The French Selection Box or The French Superieur Selection Box. You can also select individual cheeses from our French cheese range, such as Comte AOC, Brie de Meaux AOC or Roquefort.

French cheeses
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