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Hand stamped silver spoons with French words

Antique silver spoons hand stamped with French words in Paris. These beautiful antique silver spoons, all sourced from brocantes and flea markets in the Picardy region of France, are hand stamped by artisans in a Paris studio with a French word and a heart icon. Hand stamping is a metalworking technique dating back thousands of years. Each letter is hand stamped using a hammer and letter stamp, which is pressed into the surface of the metal for a one-of-a-kind keepsake or gift. We have two sizes available on the Maison Cherie website, teaspoons and dessert spoons, both sizes with a selection of hand stamped words to choose from Amour (Love), Belle (Beautiful), Bisous (Kisses) or Jolie (Pretty) and all with a heart icon underneath.

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