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April Fools’ Day in France

Did you know the French call each other Poisson d’Avril, translating as April Fish!

April Fish

Instead of calling someone an April Fool as we do here in the UK, in France, people call each other Poisson d’Avril, translating as an April Fish!

April 1st, also known as April Fools’ Day, is a day known for playing harmless jokes or tricks on others.

One of the favourite April Fish jokes amongst the French, particularly school children, is to tape a paper fish to someone’s back without them knowing and see how long it stays there. The longer it is, the funnier it is!

It is quite acceptable to trick or fool others on Poisson d’Avril in France, so if you are in France on this day, watch out, anyone could be playing a trick on you, it could even be the media or the government!


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