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Emily in Paris season 2, top filming locations worth a visit

Emily in Paris filming locations to visit on your next Paris city break.

Emily in Paris themed artwork

If you love Emily in Paris, how about visiting some of the season 2 filming locations on your next Paris city break where Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), her colleagues and friends spend time together and enjoy Paris as unexpected local Emily does.

Le Café Marly

Le Café Marly, a luxury restaurant located next to the Louvre, where Emily and Sylvie share wine over an awkward lunch with Camille.

Louvre, Paris
The Louvre

Hammam Les Cent Ciels

A birthday gift from Camille, a trip to a hammam (Hammam Les Cent Ciels), where Emily feels quite uncomfortable for more than one reason!

Passage Choiseul
Passage Choiseul

Passage Choiseul

Emily walks through Passage Choiseul whilst reading the endless birthday messages she receives on her phone. The passage from the 1800s is glass covered and brimming with restaurants, clothing stores and galleries.

Marché d'Aligre

Gabriel and Emily share a moment at Marché d'Aligre whilst buying fresh produce for Emily's birthday dinner party that does not go to plan!

La Samaritaine

Emily is horrified when Petra from her French language class steals from La Samaritaine, a glitzy Paris department store!

La Samaritaine
La Samaritaine

Cinema Le Champo

Cinema Le Champo, where Luc takes Emily for an uncomfortable film trip.

Fontaine Saint-Michel

Mindy has her first performance with her band members at Fontaine Saint-Michel, such a romantic spot in the city and worth visiting for its grandeur.

Palace of Versailles

And leaving the best till last (in my personal opinion!) is the hallowed halls of Versailles, where clothes designer Gregory hosts his latest glamour and extravagant fashion affair.

Palace of Versailles
Palace of Versailles


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