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Shabby chic, how to get the look in your home

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

What is shabby chic and how to achieve this popular interiors trend in your own home

Shabby chic vintage accessories, pastel shades and floral patterns

What is shabby chic?

Shabby chic refers to the popular home interiors trend whereby a home is carefully styled to look as if it has been casually assembled over a lifetime. It is accomplished by combining furniture and furnishings that are or appear to be aged, vintage treasures, light pastel shades, cosy layered fabrics and romantic lighting to give a established warm and lived-in appearance.

How to achieve the shabby chic look

Choose pastel paint shades and floral patterned fabrics

When creating the shabby chic look from scratch choose a natural shade as your base colour maybe a cream, off-white or pale grey, then pick two or three accent colours in pastel shades of pink, green, yellow or blue to add the required contrast. Then to achieve the warm and homely charm of this interior style, add bold floral patterns in the form of fabrics, prints or feature wallpaper.

Incorporate period furniture

Incorporate antique furniture authentically worn or newer items painted with a distressed finish to create the shabby chic look in your home. Try to find pieces with an ornate detailing to give a French inspired flourish that can add to the romance of your desired look.

Add romantic lighting

Vintage french chandelier finishing off the shabby chic look

Add elegance to your shabby chic look with a chandelier whether this is a modern reproduction or a French vintage find, it will add the right lighting to perfectly complete this look.

Layer soft furnishings

Layer soft furnishings such as cushions in different fabrics and textures, cosy throws in neutral colours and large textured rugs.

Display vintage accessories

Display decorative vintage accessories to bring this look together and create pretty focal points in the room, let the accessories take centre stage and experiment with your displays. Remember, we are creating a look that looks like it's been added to over a lifetime.

Bring the outside in with wild flowers

Finally fill pretty vases and bottles of all different shapes and sizes with loosely arranged wildflowers to add a natural rustic touch to your shabby chic home.

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