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Halloween in France and where to go to get spooked!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

How the French celebrate Halloween and some of the scariest places to visit in France.

Croque Monsieur

Do the French celebrate Halloween?

Yes, France does celebrate Halloween (31st October). However, it is often a low-key affair and overshadowed by La Toussaint, a public holiday that takes place the following day (1st November) and sees the French honour the dead through flowers and special events.

Although, there has been a shift in opinion amongst the younger generations recently who are gradually enjoying the opportunity to dress up and scary costumes and carve pumpkins.

If the French don’t say ‘trick or treat’, what do they say?

In France, instead of asking for a ‘trick or treat’, children will ask for ‘des bonbons ou un sort’, which roughly translates as ‘candies or a spell’.

Some of the scariest places to visit in France

If you are looking for scary places to visit in France this Halloween, why not visit one of these spooky delights!

Paris Catacombs

How does an underground cemetery with more than six million remains in its network of tunnels under Paris sound? The Paris Catacombs is an 18th-century burial ground created for the thousands of corpses that overcrowded Paris graveyards no longer had room for and is open for tourists to wander around.

Paris Catacombs
Paris Catacombs

Palace of Versailles

If you prefer to stay above the ground, why not visit the Palace of Versailles. Paranormal sightings of the previous resident Marie Antoinette are a regular occurrence, particularly in her royal bed-chamber.

Palace of Versailles
Palace of Versailles

Mont Saint-Michel

Or perhaps you would like to explore the ancient monastery of Mont Saint-Michel where the ghost of Captain Louis d’Estouteville stands guard on the mount, overlooking the site of his victory against the English in 1434.

Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint-Michel

Forêt de Brocéliande

There are also several spooky areas in this ancient forest in Brittany, thought to be the forest of King Arthur. There’s even an area called Val Sans Retour (the valley of no return) where according to legend, evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay captured unfaithful youths.

Fôret de Brocéliande
Fôret de Brocéliande

Halloween at Disneyland Paris

And finally, for those a little younger and looking for something a little less scary and a little more fun, how about the Halloween Festival at Disneyland Paris! Celebrations last throughout October and early November and include spooktacular decorations, popular Disney villains, parades, shows, and spooky-themed food.

Whatever your plans, Joyeux Halloween, and don’t forget to keep the lights on!


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