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Le Jacquard Français, historic French linen brand founded in 1888

Producing household French linen with passion and expertise for 130 years.

Le Jacquard Français brand

The history of the Le Jacquard Français brand

An entrepreneur of his time, Benjamin Baer moved to Gerardmer in Eastern France in 1861 and began selling fabric woven by local peasants. It didn’t take long for Benjamin to become well-known in the French textile industry and after his death in 1888 his partner Nathan Levy decided to continue with the business and appoint his brother as his new partner. Together they renamed the business “Nathan Lévy et Compagnie” and in 1902 decided to take the next step by building a weaving workshop on-site and in 1928 a bleaching unit.

Production was going well until the Second World War hit and devastated the country. When the war was finally over five years later the brothers put all their efforts into rebuilding the business and once again production commenced.

The organic growth and popularity of the brand continued as before and in 1968, ELIS (Europe Linge Service), made the Levy brothers an offer they couldn’t refuse. The factory was purchased and following the acquisition the famous Le Jacquard Français brand was born.

A few years later in 1978, a collaboration with French stylist, Primrose Bordier, saw the introduction of the innovative designs and strong colour palette usage that we associate with the brand today. Primrose pushed boundaries and her natural artistic flair changed not only the brand itself but the household linen industry as a whole forever

Le Jacquard Français today

Today, Le Jacquard Français employees 120 talented individuals and continues to make all of its products in the Gérardmer workshop in France. In 2010, Le Jacquard Français was awarded the EPV label, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, in recognition for expertise and excellence, a worthy recognition of quality, passion and creativity.

Maison Chérie, your UK stockist of Le Jacquard Français French linen

Here at Maison Chérie, we love Le Jacquard Français products and the story behind the brand and are delighted to be able to offer such beautiful linen to UK homes, view our entire collection on sale here.

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