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Crafted from porcelain with handpainted lines and accents, this unique reproduction French match strike or pyrogen is similar to antique originals found in French bistros during the 19th and early 20th century throughout France.


Back then, it was common to see a match strike sitting on a bistro or bar table for customers to use when preparing a drink such as absinthe during the Belle Époque. 


The match strike had three objectives. First, the upper cylindrical container was used to hold the matches. Then the ridged surface on the side (or base) was used to strike and light the match. And finally, the play served as an advertising medium. Many distilleries used these match strikes to promote their liquor, and were usually provided to the bar for free.


The text around the Liquer Malette match strike reads  as follows:

"Extract d'absinthe Labat et Fils - Naturelle non oxygénée - émile-Laurent Labat liquoriste successeur - Maison fondée en 1863"

which translates as:

"Labat et Fils absinthe extract - Natural non-oxygenated - Emile-Laurent Labat successor liquorist - Founded in 1863"


This match strike makes a beautiful addition to any home or a gift for a friend or relative who loves France and french interiors. Perhaps ornamental or as a useful item when lighting the fire or a candle.

Materials: Glazed porcelain

Size: 9 x 8.5cm

Please note: This is a reproduction item based on an antique design.

White-tip or "strike anywhere" matches are required for use.

Regular household kitchen matches will not light. 

Matches are not included.

Labat and Fils - Porcelain Match Strike (Pyrogène)

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