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French wall-mounted rotating soap holders and refills

Our traditional wall-mounted rotating soaps made in France by Provendi since 1950, and made famous in the UK by James Martin's Home Comforts on the BBC, are the perfect combination of useful and stylish and offer a genuinely quintessential French experience. Practical and economical, our rotating soaps are easy to use and can help you reduce your plastic usage. Best attached to the wall directly above the kitchen sink or in the bathroom or a toilet, our rotating soaps look great and eliminate the need for a conventional soap dish, saving space in smaller homes. The rotating soap also drains much better when wall-mounted due to better airflow meaning the soaps last much longer and create less mess. Our rotating soaps are so en-trend, with celebrity chef James Martin having one in his kitchen at home! See how the Provdeni wall-mounted rotating soap looks in James Martin's kitchen in the photos below:

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