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La Rochere, the historic French glassware brand

Established in 1475, La Rochere is the oldest glassware company in France.

La Rochere clear bee tumblers and wine glasses

La Rochere, what is it?

La Rochère produces authentic, high-quality artisanal glassware with French style for a modern home. The brand designs and creates timeless products that combine style and strength, drawing inspiration from the history of the country and the French countryside.

How old is the La Rochere brand?

La Rochere, established in 1475, has been manufacturing glass for more than 500 years, making it the oldest continuously running glass factory in France.

The La Rochere Abeille collection, why bees?

La Rochère bee, or Abeille design, is inspired by a famous pattern belonging to Napoleon and the beautiful countryside and rural landscape of the South of France.

Whereabouts in France is the La Rochere glassmaking factory?

Nestled in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté regions of France, La Rochère produces all of its glassware in-house. Surrounding forests provide natural materials needed to fuse the glass, such as silica sand and soil, along with firewood and ferns to heat the furnaces.

What makes La Rochere glassware unique?

La Rochere glassware is unique because of the custom manufacturing process whereby all glass items are created with a two-part open mold, giving them the brand’s iconic seam. The result is superior quality glass, known for its exceptional clarity, brilliance, durability and authentic French style.

What does EPV stand for?

EPV stands for Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant meaning Living Heritage Companies.

EPV is a French government certification awarded to companies demonstrating excellent craftsmanship and traditional industrial know-how. It is a sought-after and prestigious award presented by the Minister of Economy and Finance. The EPV label identifies producers committed to the quality of their trades and products.

Is La Rochere an EPV company?

Yes, La Rochere is an EPV company, a French living heritage company.

What other EPV brands does Maison Cherie stock?

The following brands and companies we work with have gained EPV certification:


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