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Welcome to Maison Cherie, your ultimate destination for embracing the timeless elegance of French lifestyle and home decor. Dive into a world where sophistication meets charm, and discover the essence of French living through our curated articles on French home styles, exquisite home decor, and unique giftware. Whether you're seeking inspiration for transforming your living space or looking for authentic French traditional toys and games, Maison Cherie is your go-to source. Immerse yourself in the allure of French culture, explore our exciting competitions, and indulge in the art of creating a home that resonates with the spirit of France. 

Discover Vilac: French Toy Craftsmanship Since 1911

Vilac, the esteemed French toy brand, has been enchanting the world with its exquisite wooden toys since 1911.

Vilac ride on car and wooden toys

Vilac, who or what is it?

In the picturesque heart of the Jura region of France, surrounded by the serene beauty of mountains, lakes, and forests, a legacy of creativity and craftsmanship has thrived for over a century. Vilac, the esteemed French toy brand, has been enchanting the world with its exquisite wooden toys since 1911.

Embracing Tradition with Vilac

Vilac's journey began in 1911 in the charming city of Grenoble, nestled in the South East of France. Since its inception, Vilac has been steadfast in its commitment to crafting toys that seamlessly blend classic, old-world charm with contemporary colours and designs. What sets Vilac apart is its unwavering dedication to quality and the use of traditional methods that have stood the test of time.

Enduring Appeal for Generations

Vilac toys are not just playthings; they are heirlooms, designed to nourish children's imaginative play while captivating the hearts of adults. The brand's creations are beautifully made ensuring they never go out of fashion and possess a lasting appeal that spans across generations. Each toy tells a story, sparking creativity and igniting the spirit of play in children of all ages.

A Living Heritage Brand

Vilac is a living heritage brand in France, an accolade bestowed upon it with the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) status. This recognition is a testament to Vilac's exceptional craftsmanship, traditional methods, and design expertise. It solidifies Vilac's position as a revered creator in the toy-making community, setting standards that others aspire to emulate.

Exploring Vilac's Timeless Creations

Eiffel tower stacking toy from Vilac

From beautifully crafted wooden puzzles to intricately designed pull toys, Vilac offers a diverse range of toys that cater to various age groups. Each product reflects the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. Whether it's a toddler delighting in the vibrant hues of a Vilac stacking toy or an older child engrossed in the challenges of a Vilac puzzle, every experience with Vilac is a journey into the world of imagination and creativity.

Maison Chérie, proud stockist of Vilac toys in the UK

Here at Maison Chérie, we stock a wide range of Vilac toys and games, from ride-on cars, pentaque boules, baby rockers and wooden pastries, cheese, meats, and drinks sets for imaginative play.


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