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Lovespoons, why do people give spoons as gifts of love?

Why give a spoon as a thoughtful gift to a loved one

Emily in Paris themed artwork

Spoons have been a symbol of love all over Europe for hundreds of years.

Historically a courtship custom, a man would carve a small spoon out of one piece of wood and present it to a girl as a gift. If she accepted the spoon, it was taken as a token of engagement to be married.

It was also important that the girl’s father could see that the suitor could provide for the family with quality woodworking skills.

In France specifically, symbolic folding spoons made by a cooper, a craftsman who makes or repairs casks which can take years to learn, were historically worn in the hat or button-hole on the way to a wedding gathering.

Today, lovespoons make thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts and wedding gifts showing how much you care.

Looking for a love spoon for someone important in your life?

We have a selection of antique silver spoons hand stamped with French words in Paris. These beautiful antique silver spoons, all sourced from brocantes and flea markets in the Picardy region of France, are hand stamped by artisans in a Paris studio with a French word and a heart icon.

Antique silver spoons hand stamped with French words.
Antique silver spoons hand stamped with French words.


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