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Interior design tips inspired by Coco Chanel

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

How to make the black, white and gold colour palette work in your home

Chanel store front in black, white and gold

Famous for her ingenious twinning of black and white and timeless designs, world renowned Parisian designer Coco Chanel perfected effortless chic in the 1920's with her iconic perfume brand, Chanel No.5, and her introduction of the little black dress.

The packaging of Chanel No.5 saw a shift from the traditional ornamented bottle to a simple plain design displaying the name of the product only in Chanel's signature colours, black, white and gold, so very different to anything else on the market at the time. Chanel's contemporary approach to design was powerful and yet not overpowering, it influenced both fashion and interiors and people's perception of less is more which later became recognised as minimalism.

Chanel extended her love of monochrome and gold into her contemporary styled home. Although this adventurous colour scheme had the potential to appear overpowering, it worked, and the interiors oozed with sophisticated glamour. So what was Chanel’s secret to doing it so well?

Be devoted to your chosen colour palette

However tempting it may be, always remain true to your chosen colours, Chanel remained devoted to her signature colours throughout her home.

Design continuation and flow

When applying such a powerful colour theme think of your home as one single piece of art, where each room design flows from one to another, this streamlined continuation creates organised appeal.

Embrace straight lines

Embrace straight lines, whether vertical or horizontal, these strong visible lines are evident in any contemporary-style home. and provide structure to the design.

Minimalism sophistication

Whilst it’s tempting to fill a room with your favourite accessories, bring order to the rooms by holding back and creating a sophisticated, minimalist look.


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