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Madalyn et Rose Unboxing Reveal: What was in the August 2023 subscription box?

Here are the contents from the August 2023 box enjoyed by thousands of UK households.

What is Madalyn et Rose?

A French gourmet subscription box, in which bimonthly, six secret artisan culinary delights, all made and sourced from France, are carefully selected and posted to you in the UK.

Madalyn et Rose subscription box unboxing - August 2023

To give you a little idea of the kind of luxury products subscribers are receiving, here are the contents from the August 2023 box enjoyed by thousands of UK households:

Tea from Callysthé

Enjoy the harmonious blend of organic Sencha green tea, hibiscus, and sweet dried strawberries in this vibrant tea from Callysthé. Its 100% organic composition adds an extra layer of purity, ensuring that every sip is a guilt-free indulgence.


Tea rom Callyysthe

Pear & Fig Jam from La Ferme de la Rhubarbe

Whether savoured on warm, crusty bread for a quick but satisfying snack or paired with artisanal cheeses to unlock its full potential, every bite of Pear & Fig Jam from La Ferme de la Rhubarbe offered a pure and indulgent moment.

Pear and fig jam from La Ferme de la Rhubarbe

Stewed apple from Pommy

This exquisitely crafted compote harmoniously combines the richness of stewed apple with the zing of tangy lime leaf, creating a versatile delight.

As a luscious dessert or a gourmet morning starter, this Stewed apple from Pommy compote promises an explosion of flavour in every mouthful.

Stewed apple from Pommy

Linen food cover from Angie Be Green

Experience a revolution in food preservation with this Linen Food Cover from Angie Be Green. Say goodbye to plastic wraps and welcome the elegance and freshness that this Linen Food Cover brings to your kitchen.

Linen food cover from Angie Be Green

Brandy infused crêpes from Comtesse du Barry

Stealing the spotlight was a luxurious delight of rich, buttery crêpes infused with a heavenly syrup created with Armagnac liqueur from Comtesse du Barry. The indulgence of this delicacy was enough to satisfy any craving! Although, it could be enhanced for those seeking more. It could also be enjoyed with the added decadence of dark chocolate, ice cream, or slices of juicy fruit.

Brandy infused crepes from Comtesse du barry

Don’t miss out! Bring the taste of France to your UK home by ordering your Madalyn et Rose French gourmet subscription today.

Bon appétit!


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