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Stacking block Eiffel Tower toy in rainbow colours for a baby or toddler by renowned French toy company Vilac, a wooden stacking block toy designed to captivate. Your child will be enchanted by the vibrant rainbow of colours indicated on the central pole, guiding them to construct their very own Eiffel Tower. Crafted with care, this toy comprises 13 wooden pieces, allowing your child to explore their creativity by rearranging the blocks into imaginative structures.


Suitable for children aged one and above, this captivating toy is not just an educational experience but a journey through the architectural marvels of France. Crafted from wood and designed in France, the Stacking Eiffel Tower stands at 12.6" tall and 5.7" wide, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and entertainment.


Discover the joy of learning and play with this exceptional stacking block toy, a testament to the timeless appeal of wooden stacking blocks and the perfect addition to your baby's toy collection.

This sculptural marvel, created in collaboration with the iconic Eiffel Tower and visionary designer Angélique Pourtaud, is a visual delight that combines education with play.


Inspired by the "Grande Dame de Paris," the Eiffel Tower that stands as a testament to French craftsmanship, this stacking block toy celebrates the legacy of the Universal Exhibition of 1889. Gustave Eiffel and his collaborators constructed this masterpiece in just two years, showcasing the pinnacle of French technical expertise. Since then, it has welcomed over 200 million visitors, becoming a symbol of Paris with its distinctive silhouette and towering height of more than 300 meters.

Stacking block eiffel tower from Vilac